There is so much to explore beyond the coffee: a whole new experience is created specifically by taking care of the details. Shapes and colours, materials and surfaces are able to enhance the perceptions and intrigue the emotions.

Mug Cup
The Mug by Caffè River has a traditional, classic rounded design and a slightly inclined handle. Crafted with skill for the perfect combination of strength and elegance, this pure white porcelain mug is made with exceptionally high-temperature cooking and finished with a luxurious polish.

Vienna has it all, architecture, art, heritage from emperors like Franz Josef and Maria Theresia, new and trendy styles and of course some marks of the big war.

The new exciting Caffè River 2019 calendar, dedicated to Amsterdam and signed by Giovanni Santi, has finally been released.

Show everyone your passion for Latte Art!

Made of pure cotton, the Latte Art/Lab t-shirt is the official t-shirt for the students of our Latte Art courses

Buy it now in the Caffè River e-shop.

Designed to celebrate the Omukwano project, that since 2010 joint Caffè River and NUCAFE.

Made of pure cotton and packed in a nice multilingual envelope, it is always dressed with pride by those who contribute to Omukwano project. Buy it now here.

It perfectly combines the ideal characteristics, both thermic and ergonomic-functional, necessary for the realization of perfect cappuccinos.

The Cappuccino Cups of Caffè River are made of high quality porcelain and have the following characteristics:

- Weight: g. 230 ± 10

Glasses for MaracaS Shaker.

Glasses in addition to the one supplied in the box of MaracaS Shaker.

Made of high thickness borosilicate, they are very resistant and proper to the use with the ice, during mixing with MaracaS Shaker.

- Capacity: 35 cl.

MaracaS secondo me, Emilio Sabbatini guide to the use of MaracaS.

Written by a well-known barman and addressed to his colleagues, MaracaS secondo me is an invitation to discover the remarkable possibility that the shaker MaracaS offers the world of mixology.

La Ruta del Café is the story of a peasant community of coffee producers of the Salcedo province, among the poorest in the Dominican Republic, who believed strongly in their land and was able to overturn their own destiny.

It is also the story of a cooperation project involving institutions, experts, entrepreneurs,

Fantastic design for an innovative towel and sugar box.

Is this one item or three?

Surprising possibilities for arranging the ingredients that enrich and refine your coffee experience, displaying them in this warm and sophisticated design piece.

Fantastic design for an innovative towel and sugar box.

Is this one item or three?

Surprising possibilities for arranging the ingredients that enrich and refine your coffee experience, displaying them in this warm and sophisticated design piece.

A curved, shining steel plate encased
in a solid ashwood base brings into being
moneybow©, the change tray designed by
Roberto Giacomucci for Caffè River.

Flexarium is the new effective holder for Flexo teaspoons or sugar bags.

Designed by Marina Bologni, Flexarium is a practical holder for Flexo teaspoons. It is also a handy tool that can be put to use in various and surprising ways.

Espresso Cup of Caffè River perfectly combines the ideal characteristics, thermal and ergonomic-functional, so as to make the best espresso and allow a perfect tasting.

- Weight: 135 g

- Capacity: 80 ml

- Material: Porcelain


An indispensable tool for the bartender.

The espresso coffee professionals fully aware of the importance of the right control amount of coffee to ensure a perfect extraction.

Designed from an idea of Caffè River, it is made of borosilicate glass and encased in a stylish cardboard packaging. 

The evolution of the classic coffee glass.

Designed by Marina Bologni for Caffè River, Kylix 9 is made of borosilicate glass. With its soft curves and at the same time its "morbidity" it allows a strong and durable use.

Designed by Marina Bologni for Caffè River, Kylix 36 is made of borosilicate glass, which allows for smooth curves and gives a peculiar sinuous, while remaining strong and durable.

His 36 cl capacity makes it suitable not only for cappuccino and latte macchiato, but also to more complex drinks based on espresso,

Designed especially for the realization of blended coffee, MaracaS allows bartenders to develop new drinks and serving them in an original way, directly into the glass where the drink was mixed.
MaracaS is a very simple tool to be preserved: the parts of which it is composed are very resistant and can be washed in the dishwasher. 

From Riverberazioni_Schizzi di caffè was born Flexo, the spoon designed by Marina Bologni exclusively for Caffè River. Available in two versions, espresso and cappuccino.

Flexo summarizes the functional characteristics of the spoon, it enhances the sensory and ergonomic aspects and determines a more immersive sensory experience. 

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